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Brightway offers 50KVA 60kWh lithium battery with EMS for solar system in South Africa

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Mr.Jose was introduced by one of our local customers, he needs a full power 50kVA lithium battery system for his building. He has professional team for installing solar and inverter lithium battery systems.

He has bought the system before but dispointed him as the power is not like the supplier discribed full power. It can't takes all his load. After one day , in coindence he discussed with one of our local customer, under his strong recomendation, he would like to try us. 

And today we have received his recomendation Letter that they are very satisfied with the quality of the equipment and after sales service.

The system configuration as follows,

50kW solar panel, 50kVa industry inverter with 60kWh 307V200AH lithium EMS system. He said he never saw a company with such a morden advanced system.

1, Standardized components, modular architecture, easy for expansion. 

2. High energy density, small footprint, short construction period, strong environmental adaptability .

3. Battery module within the layered stack design, with more than 10 years of long design life. 

4. Long Cycle Life LiFePO4 Lithium ion Battery system from 20KWH—500KWH optional .

5. The use of international advanced Mitsubishi IPM module and intelligent power module, with high power fast adjustment capability .

6. BMS battery management system with SOC automatic calibration and high current active balance function, combined with the perfect operation control and management strategies to achieve accurate and efficient management .

7. The combination of software and hardware protection, with alarm protection and automatic diagnostic functions, improve the protection strategy to ensure safe and efficient operation of the system .

8. Product communicates with the monitoring platform in real time through RS232, CAN communication interface, and reports various records in time to ensure real-time monitoring of the battery pack of the monitoring platform .

9. PV charge controller adopts three charging stages (buck charging, equalize charging and float charging) which can maximize the utilization of PV modules and batteries .

10. Colorful LCD display all module working information and status .


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