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Brightway offers 50KVA 60kWh lithium battery with EMS for solar system in South Africa

Mr.Jose was introduced by one of our local customers, he needs a full power 50kVA lithium battery system for his building. He has professional team for installing solar and inverter lithium battery systems.He has bought the system before but dispointed him as the power is not like the supplier discr

2022 05-13
Why the load will give priority to using photovoltaic power generation

"Self-generation and self-use, and the balance on the grid" means that the electricity generated by photovoltaics is given priority to the load, and the load is not used up, and then sent to the grid. Friends who are in contact with photovoltaics for the first time will have many questions: how can

2021 12-23
Yangzhou Brightway International Impex Co., Ltd.

For the production, we have the professional production lines(Automatic series welding machine, EL test machine, Automatic frame machine, Special debug machine). Each step of production is under strict quality control. Our products are qualified with CE, RoHS, ISO certification.For the service, we p

2021 07-14
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