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What are the advantages of lithium battery storage?

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What are the advantages of lithium battery storage?

Under the strong market demand, lithium battery energy storage technology is developing to the direction of high efficiency, low cost, portability and pollution-free. Lithium battery energy storage is one of the most sustainable technological routes available.

1. Lithium iron phosphate battery is the preferred application in the field of energy storage, with relatively high energy density, strong endurance, and greatly improved safety.

2. Lithium battery has a long cycle life, and its shortcomings such as relatively low energy density, weak endurance and high price make it possible to apply lithium battery in the field of energy storage.

3. Lithium battery, green, pollution-free, energy storage and other advantages are very significant, has become the main supporting UPS power supply for various advanced energy storage products.

Application of lithium battery energy storage in scene industry

1. Outdoor emergency: In the outdoors, a variety of emergency accidents are common. For example, in the case of earthquake, tsunami and other sudden disasters, most areas will lose power and the circuit will be paralyzed. At this time, the search and rescue work is blind without power, and it is unable to provide the masses with disaster prevention and reduction, medical treatment and other relevant help.

2, the establishment of data center, data center power supply system using lithium battery UPS will become a trend.

3. Demand for industrial equipment

Industrial control system needs high quality, high stability power supply. When the power grid system suddenly outage, there should be a power supply to maintain a certain time of power supply, in order to do protective processing of the data of the industrial control system and make the site instrumentation and regulating valve in a safe position, but also to ensure that the process can do emergency treatment, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

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