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1kw Wind-Solar Generation Hybrid Power System


Specifications & Configurations      

1kw Wind-Solar Generation Hybrid Power System

System introduction:

Solar wind power supply refers to the use of the complementary characteristics of wind and solar energy, through batteries and diesel generators to adjust the electricity, reduce fuel consumption, to provide a stable and reliable high-quality power supply for the system or electrical equipment, so as to obtain good economic and social benefits.

System composition:
the system consists of solar photovoltaic module, wind generator set, solar energy storage battery, diesel generator set, energy storage inverter, installation structural parts, etc.

1kW Wind-solar-diesel power system configuration
Parts Function Model
Wind turbine Generate electricity from wind resources 1kW
Solar panel Use solar energy to generate electricity 300Wp
Battery Store and release electrical energy 12V800Ah
Wind-solar hybrid controller Charge and discharge control of wind energy and solar power 800W
Off-grid inverter The direct current is inverted into alternating current for ac load 500W

Project Show      

1kw Wind-Solar Generation Hybrid Power System


Q1: What are differences among grid-tied, off grid and hybrid solar power system?

A1: Grid-tied system works based on the national grid. If there is without the national utility, the system can not word.
Off grid system can word without the national grid, but if there is national grid, which can be a back up power for the off grid system
Hybrid system, which combine the function of grid-tied and off grid. All in all, it's a grid-tied system, but can also store the power in the battery.

Q2: How about the leading time?

A2: After receiving deposit, 20-30 days.

Q3: How many years of warranty for the solar system?

A3: For the each of accessories, the warranties are different. Solar panel has 10- years linear output warranty and 25years life span. Contorller, inverter and battery has 5-10years warranty years warranty.bracket has 10 years warranty.

Q4: How to design a suitable solar power system?

A4: Just contact our sales engineer, who will design the full set of solution for you based on your really needs with the most competitive cost.

We accept OEM and small trial orders, contacting with us now for more information. All inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.


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