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Brightway Solar 100W Portable Monocrystalline Home Roofing Solar Panel


  • Brightway Solar


Function Characteristics

The 100W solar panel is a solar photovoltaic module with a power output of 100 watts. It converts solar radiation directly into electrical energy by absorbing sunlight. This device primarily consists of multiple solar cells, each capable of capturing sunlight and transforming it into usable direct current (DC) electricity.

Here are some specific characteristics and advantages of the 100W solar panel:

  1. High Conversion Efficiency: High-quality 100W solar panels typically exhibit excellent photoelectric conversion efficiency, converting solar energy into electricity more efficiently and thus enhancing energy utilization.
  2. Environmental Friendliness and Energy Savings: Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource. Utilizing a 100W solar panel reduces dependency on traditional energy sources, lowers carbon emissions, and is environmentally friendly.
  3. Long Lifespan: Solar panels typically have a long service life and can operate stably under various climatic conditions, providing reliable power supply for extended periods.
  4. Wide Application Range: The 100W solar panel is suitable for various solar power applications, including households, commercial use, and industrial settings. It becomes a crucial energy solution, especially in remote areas or regions with unstable power supplies.

In conclusion, the 100W solar panel is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable energy device that plays a significant role in promoting the development of renewable energy and facilitating energy conservation and emission reduction efforts.

Technical Specifications

Product name 100W SOLAR PANEL
Pmax 100W
Vmp 24.3V
Imp 4.1A
Solar Cell Monocrystalline silicon
Output cable MC4
Size 1062*530*35mm


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