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Brightway 3kw 51.2V 5KWh Solar Power Station Portable for Home Use

The ESS series off-grid energy storage system combines multiple functions such as inverter, MPPT solar controller, and mains charging, which is
committed to providing stable power for electrical equipment in areas experiencing power outages and shortages and unstable power supply.
  • BWESS3048VM-100

  • Brightway


Function Characteristics

  • The ESS series off-grid energy storage system is designed to output pure sine wave and convert DC power into AC power based on a fully digital intelligent solution with advanced SPWM technology. They are suitable for AC loads such as household appliances, power tools, industrial equipment, and audio & visual equipment.

  • Comprehensive electronic protection functions ensure that the power system is safer and more stable.

Technical Specifications

Model BWESS3048VM-100
Inverter Parameters
Rated power 3kw
Battery voltage 48VDC
Max.input power
DC Battery side parameters
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Nominal capacity 100Ah
Nominal energy 5KWh
PV Side parameters
PV Input voltage Max:500V(MPPT range:120~450VDC)
PV Charging power Max:3KW
PV Charging current Max:20A
AC Side input parameters
AC Input voltage 230Vac/50Hz/60Hz
AC Charging current Max:20A
AC Side output parameters
AC Rated outputpower 3kw
AC Peak power 3.5kw
AC Output voltage single phase 220VAC/230VAC/240VAC can be set,+5%@50Hz/60Hz
Efciency(peak) 90%
Wave Pure sine wave
Working temp charge O℃~+50℃
discharge-10℃~ +50℃
Working mode Optional: mains priority/phatovoltaic priority/battery priority
Switchingtime 10ms(PC)/20ms(Home)
Intelligentdisplay LED+LCD
Dimension 500*300*785.3mm

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