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Brightway Solar 18V 30W IP65 Waterproof Solar Panel for Phone Camping Hiking Riding

  • BWZD-30

  • Brightway Solar


Function Characteristics

The 30W monocrystalline foldable solar panel is a versatile and efficient source of renewable energy. Here are its key features highlighted using the term "solar panel" five times:

•Firstly, the solar panel's monocrystalline design ensures high-efficiency energy conversion. This means it can capture a significant amount of solar radiation and convert it into usable electricity, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.
•Secondly, the foldable nature of the solar panel allows for easy portability and storage. Whether you're on a camping trip, hiking adventure, or simply need a backup power source, you can easily fold the solar panel into a compact size for convenient transportation.
•Thirdly, the solar panel's durable construction ensures reliability even in harsh conditions. It is designed to withstand wind, rain, and other adverse weather elements, making it a dependable source of power in remote locations or during emergencies.
•Fourthly, the 30W power output of the solar panel provides sufficient energy for charging small electronic devices. Whether you're charging a smartphone, camera, or other portable electronics, the solar panel can deliver the necessary power to keep your devices operational.
•Lastly, the use of solar energy by the solar panel contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. By harnessing the power of the sun, it reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and helps mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.

In summary, the 30W monocrystalline foldable solar panel offers a convenient, efficient, and sustainable source of renewable energy that is perfect for outdoor activities, emergencies, and any situation where a reliable power source is needed.

Technical Specifications

Product name BWZD-30
Pmax 30Wp
Vmp 18V
Imp 1.67A
Solar Cell Monocrystalline
Voc 21V
Isc 1.84A
Unfolded Size 870*360*1mm


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