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Brightway Solar OEM Integrated 60kW Outdoor Energy Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Solar Energy Storage System with BMS for Outdoor Use


  • Brightway Solar


Function Characteristics

  • Durable Design: Constructed from high-grade materials, our outdoor cabinet is IP54 rated, ensuring protection from dust and water ingress. This allows for safe and reliable operation in a range of outdoor environments, including harsh weather conditions.

  • Efficient Performance: Utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, our energy storage system offers high energy density, long cycle life, and excellent safety performance. This ensures that you can store and discharge energy efficiently, with minimal loss over time.

  • Easy Integration: Our outdoor cabinet is designed for easy integration with existing energy systems. With standard connectivity options and intuitive control interfaces, you can seamlessly integrate our energy storage system into your existing infrastructure.

Technical Specifications

DC Input
Max.  power(KW) 72KW
Max. DC votageM 1000V
MPPT   vdtage   range(M) 180V-900V/630V
MPPT operaing vallage range at raled power 450V-900V
MPPT    tracker/stings 2/2/2/2
Max.input current of  single MPPT(A) 36A*4
Shor-circuit current of PV input(A) 42A/42A/42A/42A
AC Output
Rated  output  power(KW) 60KW
Max. apparent AC power(KVA) 60KV4
Max. output current(A) 87A
Grid voltage/range(V) 400V,3L+N+PE
Frequengy  (Hz) 5060Hz
PF 1(0.8lagging-O.&leading)
Battery    capacity(KWH) 53KWH-173KWH
Battery type UiFePO4 battery
Battery    Modue 51.2V 130AH BYD blade battery modue
Number of batlery racks 1-2
Battery  vatage  range(M) 220V~800V
Max.  input/output  vatage(M 800V
Rated   charge/discharge   current(A) 100A
Max,  input/output  power(KW) 60KW
EPS Output
Rated output power(KW) 60KW
Max.Apparent   AC   power(KVA) 60KVA
Max. singke-phase apparent output power 20KVA
Rated output voltage(V) 400V,3L+N+PE
Rated output current(A) 87A
Rated frequency (Hz) 50Hz/60Hz
Automa ic swiching time (ms) <10ms
THDU <3%
Overload  capacity 110%,30S/120%,10S/150%,0.02S
Protection Parameters
AC over current protecson Yes
Ground  faut  detection  protecion Yes
Power  grid  morioning  prolection Yes
Residual current detection protedion Yes
General Data
Euro Effikieny >98.2%
Noise Emission (Typical) <45dB
Operation  Temperature -25~+60℃
Relative Humicity 5~90%(non-condensing)
AHiude 4000m(>2.000   Derating)
Dimensions  (W/D/H)  mm 1000*1650*2050
Weight(kg) Customizason
Inverier Topology transformerless
Self-Consumpion <3W
Ingress protection IP54
Fire extinguishing system Opional
Operating temperature -30℃~55℃
PCS  cooing  way Intehigent  Fan
Battlery codling way Air  condioning  cocing
Display and Communication
Display LCD
Interface RS485/WFVGPRS yes /optiopt


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