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12kw Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Product features        

1.It with powerful protection function for short circuit, over load and over temperature which is more safe and reliable.
It's service life can up to 15-20 years or more.

2.Intelligentized, modularized and simple structure design, very easy and convenient for maintenance.

3.Two kinds of start mode: Step Down Voltage Start and Variable Frequency Start.

4.The output frequency 50Hz/60Hz can be set via LCD panel.

5.The output voltage can be set.

6.The DC input voltage range can be set. over-voltage point, under-voltage point, over-voltage recovery point, under-voltage recovery point and under voltage recovery time all can be set via the LCD panel.

7.Using SVPWM space vector algorithms, high conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low losses, higher efficiency > 94%.

8.Pure sine wave output. with good transient response less than 50MS, little harmonic distortion, higher conversion efficiency and stable output voltage.

9.Low frequency transformer, which ensure the AC busbar and DC busbar are completely isolated to avoid interference, high efficiency and very little no-load loss.

10.Powerful data display and fault instruction function. LCD can display the DC input voltage, output frequency, phase voltage, phase current, AC bypass input voltage, output power KWH, time and date, temperature, fault code display.

11.Wide input voltage can be set according to customer's requirement. Input voltage range can be selected from 100-400v or 200-600v or 400-850v. This wide voltage input off grid inverter can work without battery and solar charge controller, which save battery cost and same like with MPPT function can maximum make full use of solar power .

12.AC bypass input function optional: Battery Power Priority or AC Bypass Priority work mode can be set.

13.RS485 remote monitoring function optional.

14.Solar charge controller and AC to DC battery charger built in optional for customer.

15.Can be customized to customer's specification.

16.European CE (EMC and LVD) certification, accredited by Australian CEC, ERAC energy network, meet UL1741 and CSA22.2 standard.

Specifications & Configurations      

Model BWI-LF12kW
Isolation Low frequency transformer
DC Input Input rated voltage (VDC) 192V
Input rated current (A) 62.5A
Input DC voltage range (VDC) 172~275V
AC Output Rated AC output power 12KW
Phases Single phase + PE wire
Output voltage (V) 220VAC±2%
Output rated current (A) 54.5A
Waveform Pure sine wave
Inverter efficiency >93%
Power Factor(PF) 0.95
Output frequency accuracy (Hz) 50Hz ± 0.05%
The dynamic response 4%(Load 0←→100%)
Overload 125%  1min ,150%  10s
Waveform distortion rate ≤2% (Linear load) ≤3% (The nonlinear loads)
Running mode Working continuously
Display LCD
Protection function Inverter Inputreverse protection, under-voltage and over-voltage, output overload, short-circuit, overheat protection
Short circuit protection No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine
Cooling method Fan-cooling
Working environment Ambient temperature -10ºC~+50ºC
Using environment humidity 0~90%, No condensation
Noise (1 meter) <50dB
Degree of protection IP20(indoor)
Using altitude(m) ≤2000
Mechanical dimension Vertical type(D x W x H) 550x550x875mm
Weight 120Kg

Project Show      

12kw Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter
12kw Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter


Q1: What are differences among grid-tied, off grid and hybrid solar power system?

A1: Grid-tied system works based on the national grid. If there is without the national utility, the system can not word.
Off grid system can word without the national grid, but if there is national grid, which can be a back up power for the off grid system
Hybrid system, which combine the function of grid-tied and off grid. All in all, it's a grid-tied system, but can also store the power in the battery.

Q2: How about the leading time?

A2: After receiving deposit, 20-30 days.

Q3: How many years of warranty for the solar system?

A3: For the each of accessories, the warranties are different. Solar panel has 10- years linear output warranty and 25years life span. Contorller, inverter and battery has 5-10years warranty years warranty.bracket has 10 years warranty.

Q4: How to design a suitable solar power system?

A4: Just contact our sales engineer, who will design the full set of solution for you based on your really needs with the most competitive cost.

We accept OEM and small trial orders, contacting with us now for more information. All inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.


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