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365Watt Flexible solar panel thin film solar cell price

Product description
S-FLEX series module has the ability to challenge the load limit, and its ultra flexible module surface adapts to various complex environments such as fifferent roofs and walls, and further integrate with buildings in terms of shape and installation for BIPV,C&I,residential and vehicle applications , always exhibiting high-efficiency and stable power output.
MWT (Metal Wrap Through) technology is a technology that prepares both the positive and negative electrodes of the battery on the back of the battery (back contact), thereby achieving higher conversion efficiency and more stable component structure.
Technical principle : Increase the light-receiving area on the front of the module
The technology of laser drilling and back wiring eliminates the main grid lines of the front electrode, leaving only the thin grid lines on the front side. The collected current is led to the back side through the silver paste in the holes, so that the positive and negative electrode points of the battery are distributed in the battery. the back of the sheet.
• No busbars - 3% less front shading area
• Higher Efficiency - MWT modules are more efficient than industry averages under standard test conditions
• Ribbonless - avoids performance degradation due to welding stress and micro-cracking; greater resistance to cracking
• Thin silicon wafer use - can apply thinner silicon wafers, and the product has excellent flexibility
•Technology Compatibility—Good compatibility with other technologies, including PERC, TOPCon, HJT, etc.
1) 4-2.5mm thickness, Light weight, leading level in PV industry 
2) Ultra-thin silicon wafers with advanced organic polymer encapsulation materials Minimum bending radius reach 0.30m

 Widely used in the field of Electric Golf Car,Patrol Car,Travel Tourism Car,Yacht,Roof Power generation,Backpack,Tent and so on.  

  • BWS-FLEX-360W

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