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5kw Solar Single Axis Tracker

Port: Yangzhou, China Production Capacity: 10000set/Year Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram Certification: ISO, TUV, CE Application: Industrial Material: Steel Type: Tracking Bracket Transport Package: Carton Trademark: Brightway

Model NO. BWT-ST5KW Origin Yangzhou
HS Code 8502390000

Benefits and Advantages 

The BW Tracker can increase the production of photovoltaic solar energy by 20% or more, as compared to a fixed tilt installation. This increases profit by eliminating the cost of many additional solar modules. 

Each BW Tracker comes equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which uses an astronomical program to control tracker movements. There is no "hunting" for the sun, as the tracker knows where the sun is at any time of the year, for the particular tracker location. The control system also allows remote operations, if so configured. 

The sturdy construction of the BW Tracker guarantees a long term investment, and the easy installation reduces labor costs. The tracker motors do not run continuously, so use less power (less than 50 kWh/year), and requires less maintenance. 

The BW Tracker is connected to a meteorology station, which works with the controller. The tracker uses this technology to direct the array into a protective horizontal position in strong winds. 

The BW tracker offers complete flexibility in your choice of inverters. Whether you wish to utilize a number of smaller inverters located on the tracker, or large centralized inverters, you have as many options as there are inverters. 

The BW tracker is the result of an international partnership with Meca Solar, who initially developed this revolutionary product. The tracker has a proven operational history in demanding conditions. Given the quality of our tracker we provide a 10-year warranty on parts and workmanship. 

The size of the BW tracker structure gives the modules passive security. At night the controller directs the array into a horizontal position. The array is more than 2m from the ground, so no modules are easily accessible. Additionally, the modules can be secured with "headless" screws, or other security hardware. Finally, the modules can be connected to an optional anti-theft system that is able to detect and send a message if they are disconnected.

5kw Solar Single Axis Tracker

Technical data

Maximum module surface area 32m2 (344.4ft2)
Maximum photovoltaic power  5kWp (as a function of module power and number of modules) 
Tracking technology Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) astronomical program 
Algorithm accuracy 0.003°
Tracking accuracy
Wind protection system  Programmable; automatic horizontal position at wind speeds greater than 70 km/h (43 mil/h)
Tracker height 3600mm(11.81ft), from the ground (horizontal position)
Tracker weight 1450kg(3198lb), without modules and foundation
Tracking methods One axis, azimuth
Angles of rotation Azimuth: -60° to 60°      Height: 0° to 25°
Azimuth rotation Driven by gear or industrial putter
Power supply to motors 380/220 Vac , depending on location (US, Euro, etc.)
Power consumption Less than 50kwh/year
Materials and surface treament Steel, hot dipped galvanized or spray (selection by customer)
Automation Independent PLC on each tracker with possible interconnection and remote control(optional)
Anti-theft system Alarm and message by GSM upon module disconnection(optional)
Monitoring On site or remote monitoring on power output, tracking status(optional) and tracking control (optional)
Electrical cabinets for PLC and for electrical security Metallic, weather tight, fully wired surge protection for AC
Inverters Very flexible inverter configurations, ranging from several per tracker to large centralized inverters(optional)
Wind load Maximum rated wind speed is 135km/h(81mil/h)
Snow load Maximum rated snow load is 2kN/ m2
Protection level IP65
Warranty 10 years on parts and workmanship


5kw Solar Single Axis Tracker
5kw Solar Single Axis Tracker

Our Company                     

Q1: What are differences among grid-tied, off grid and hybrid solar power system? 

A1: Grid-tied system works based on the national grid. If there is without the national utility, the system can not word. 
Off grid system can word without the national grid, but if there is national grid, which can be a back up power for the off grid system 
Hybrid system, which combine the function of grid-tied and off grid. All in all, it's a grid-tied system, but can also store the power in the battery.

Q2: How about the leading time? 

A2: After receiving deposit, 20-30 days. 

Q3: How many years of warranty for the solar system? 

A3: For the each of accessories, the warranties are different. Solar panel has 10- years linear output warranty and 25years life span. Contorller, inverter and battery has 5-10years warranty years warranty.bracket has 10 years warranty.

Q4: How to design a suitable solar power system? 

A4: Just contact our sales engineer, who will design the full set of solution for you based on your really needs with the most competitive cost.

We accept OEM and small trial orders, contacting with us now for more information. All inquiries will be replied with in 24 hours.


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