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1MW Distributed Surface Floating Grid-Tied Solar Power System

Port: Yangzhou, China Production Capacity: 10000set/Year Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram Condition: New Certification: ISO, CE Application: Home, Industrial, Commercial Specification: Normal, 1MWp Use Life: 25 Years Transport Package: Carton

Model NO. BWS-GT1MW Trademark Brightway
Origin Yangzhou HS Code 8502390000

Brightway distributed surface floating grid-tied solar power system

1MW Distributed Surface Floating Grid-Tied Solar Power System

Solar system introduction

Due to the rapid development of pv in recent years, the development of pv power station project is increasingly restricted by land and access.In this context, floating photovoltaic power stations on the water surface have become a hot topic in recent years. The development of this technology in foreign countries is earlier than in China, and there have been some successful cases.From the development of foreign countries, it can be seen that the development mode of floating photovoltaic power stations in various countries basically follows the mode of enterprise leadership, government support and scientific and technological support. The scale of the power station has a growing trend, from 1MW to hundreds of MW.

The floating photovoltaic power station USES the water base platform to float the photovoltaic modules on the water surface for power generation.According to the Japan float on the surface of the power plant using experience for many years and, according to the water floating plant more fishing light complementary photovoltaic power station, daylighting roofs of photovoltaic power station, ground photovoltaic power station, same place the same number of pv modules according to calculate happens about 10% of electricity every year, and front row distance is smaller than the ground type photovoltaic power station and fishing light complementary photovoltaic power station, the investment yield is higher than other photovoltaic power station.

Solar system features

1. Easy installation:The system structure is optimized to facilitate modular installation.

2. Long service life:It upgrades and optimizes the characteristics of floating platform materials, and has a more remarkable anti-aging and anti-corrosion effect, which improves the service life of the floating power station on the whole water surface, with a service life of up to 25 years.

3. Increased mechanical strength:The mechanical strength of modified HDPE increased by 20%-30% than that of ordinary materials.

4. Strong corrosion resistance of metal accessories:All the metal accessories are stainless steel, which can fully meet the 25-year service life of the power station.

5. Low maintenance cost:Rely on water surface, easy cleaning, reduce construction and maintenance costs.

6. Improve the efficiency of power generation:The cooling effect of water under the same working condition can generate more power than other power stations.

7. Effectively maintain water environment:The floating photovoltaic power station can block the sunlight required by algae growth and reduce water temperature, thereby inhibiting the growth of cyanobacteria and contributing to the improvement of water quality.

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1MW Distributed Surface Floating Grid-Tied Solar Power System


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