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Brightway Solar Array 555W For Ground with 25 Years Warranty

Introducing the BWGP-555W solar panel, a high-efficiency photovoltaic module designed for maximum energy generation. This module boasts a maximum power output of 555Wp, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment. With a maximum power voltage of 40.99V and a current of 13.54A, the BWGP-555W panel is capable of delivering consistent and reliable power, even under varying weather conditions.
Cell size :
Weight :
  • BWGP-555W(144)

  • Brightway Solar


Function Characteristics

The BWGP-555W solar panel stands out with its superior power generation capability of 555Wp. Boasting a high module efficiency of 21.48% at STC, it ensures maximum energy yield. With robust design and excellent performance under varying conditions, this panel offers reliability and durability. Its high open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current ratings guarantee safety and stability. Whether for residential or commercial use, the BWGP-555W solar panel is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Technical Specifications

Module Type BWGP-555W(144)

Maximum Power (Pmax) 555Wp 413Wp
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 40.99V 38.59V
Maximum Power Current (lmp) 13.54A 10.70A
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 49.72V 46.93V
Short-circuit Current (lsc) 14.12A 11.40A
Module Efficiency STC (%) 21.48%
Operating Temperature(℃) -40℃~+85℃
Maximum system voltage 1000/1500VDC(IEC)
Maximum series fuse rating 25A
Power tolerance 0~+3%
Temperature coefficients of Pmax 0.35%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Voc -0.28%/℃
Temperature coefficients of Isc 0.048%/℃
Nominal operating cell temperature(NOCT) 45±2℃


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