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Brightway Renewable Energy Vertical Wind Turbine 2KW 2000W

  • BWSH-QH2000

  • Brightway


Advantages of wind energy  

  • Excellent aluminum alloy blades, with surface treated by spraying or oxidation, providing good corrosion resistance。

  • Magnetic suspension generator has low torque and high power conversion rate during startup; rare earth permanent magnet suspension generator has high power and low loss.

  • The blade itself has speed protection, and can be configured with mechanical manual and electronic automatic braking.

  • The tight fit design between the hub groove and the blade makes the fit between the blade and the hub more consistent.

Technical specifications and parameters

Model BWSH-QH2000
Rated power 2kW
Nominal voltage 96V/220/380v/customized
Blade quantity 3piece
Diameter of wind wheel 2.6m
Impeller height 2.6m
Electronic unloading 5kW
Brake resistance box
Rated speed 300 RPM
Start-up wind speed 2.3m/s
Rated wind speed 10m/s
Extreme wind 45m/s
Wind turbine type Vertical axis wind turbine
Braking system Electromagnetic brake / mechanical brake (customized)
Hydraulic brake Active brake, electric brake
Controller unit PLC
Interface HMI
Generator type Three phase Coreless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Insulation class H
Blade material aluminum alloy
Design level IEC Class Ⅲ
Tower type Independent pole
Outhentication CE;IOS
Noise 35FB
Noise level <35dBA
Temperature ‐20°C~50°C
Altitude ≤2000m
Degree of protection IP54
Design life 20 Years


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