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Aaj011 Aluminum Clamping for Roof Colour Steel Tile Solar System Installation


Specifications & Configurations      
1. Light weight. Aluminum density 2.7kg/dm3, iron density 7.9kg/dm3.

2. Resistance to natural corrosion. Aluminum placed in the air can form a dense protective layer of alumina on the surface, which prevents further oxidation of the aluminum.

3. Anti-galvanic corrosion. When steel and iron bracket contact with the frame of aluminum photovoltaic panel, the frame of aluminum photovoltaic panel is prone to galvanic corrosion.

4. Balance voltage. Aluminum has excellent electrical conductivity, so it can better conduct the weak current generated by various reasons in the pv bracket system.

5. Easy to shape. Aluminum profile products with different section shapes can be easily obtained by extrusion process with different molds.

6. Easy to process. Aluminum profiles can be easily processed into the required specifications by the process of sawing, drilling, punching and folding, and the energy consumption of the process is much lower than that of steel.

7. Low temperature resistance. Ordinary steel, especially welding area, is fragile and fragile in low temperature environment, while the strength of aluminum increases instead.

8. Environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. After being recycled, aluminum can be remade using only 5% of the energy used in the process from aluminum ore to profile.

Model BWS-AAJ011
Installation place Ground,Roof
Material Quality 6063-T5
Wind load 40m/s,32.5kg/m2,13level
Snow load 70kg/m2
Colour Natual
Warranty time 25years

Aaj011 Aluminum Clamping for Roof Colour Steel Tile Solar System Installation

Project Show      

Aaj011 Aluminum Clamping for Roof Colour Steel Tile Solar System Installation

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Q1: What are differences among grid-tied, off grid and hybrid solar power system?

A1: Grid-tied system works based on the national grid. If there is without the national utility, the system can not word.
Off grid system can word without the national grid, but if there is national grid, which can be a back up power for the off grid system
Hybrid system, which combine the function of grid-tied and off grid. All in all, it's a grid-tied system, but can also store the power in the battery.

Q2: How about the leading time?

A2: After receiving deposit, 20-30 days.

Q3: How many years of warranty for the solar system?

A3: For the each of accessories, the warranties are different. Solar panel has 10- years linear output warranty and 25years life span. Contorller, inverter and battery has 5-10years warranty years warranty.bracket has 10 years warranty.

Q4: How to design a suitable solar power system?

A4: Just contact our sales engineer, who will design the full set of solution for you based on your really needs with the most competitive cost.


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