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90W Flexible Amorphous Silicon Solar Power Sheet



Brightway is committed to becoming a leader in creating a new era of solar mobile energy, integrating flexible thin-film solar power generation technology into our lives to provide people with more portable and complete mobile energy electricity solutions.With the popularization of mobile Internet, portable electronic devices have become an indispensable part of people's life.In addition to the busy work, more and more people are willing to enjoy life naturally and go out of the office to travel with family and friends.When we have a safe and reliable solar power equipment, we will have more peace of mind and enjoy the sunshine easily.

Flexible thin-film solar power generation technology and electronic products, daily necessities, outdoor equipment, outdoor furniture, public facilities, equipment, such as emergency relief to fusion, realize office, outdoor activities, such as fieldwork scene "flow" of dreams, providing light weight, high efficiency, zero noise, intelligent, recycled power protection.Brightway will cooperate with many excellent enterprises to develop diversified solar application products and bring every ray of sunshine to your side.


1.High-power: 90W high-power solar power charging, which meets the demand of rapid charging and can simultaneously charge 2-5 mobile phones.

2.Gentle: only about 1.3kg in weight, 1/3 of the same power crystalline silicon products, folding and easy to carry;

3.Accessories: USB splitter, 1 to 5 output port, suitable for a variety of electronic products, can connect 5 devices at the same time.

4.Suitable places: emergency rescue, outdoor exploration, camp construction, self-drive hiking, mountainous areas, pastoral areas, islands, etc

5.Expansion of accessories: mobile power box, power generation and energy storage are combined to supply power for various voltage requirements such as laptop, SLR camera, camera, handstand and communication equipment.

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90W Flexible Amorphous Silicon Solar Power Sheet

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