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Solar Module Monocrystalline Silicon 100W


Product Benefits:

1. Applies to commercial, residential and utility scale applications.
2. Easily installed ground, roof, building face or tracking system.
3. Smart choice for on-grid PV system applications.
4. Reduces electricity bill and creates energy independence.
5. Modular, no moving parts, fully scalable and easily installed.
6. Reliable and virtually maintenance-free power generation.
7. Provides clean, quiet and reliable electricity generation.


1. Roof of car, caravans, tourist car, golf cart, boat, yacht, etc
2. Metal roof shade & parking structures
3. Agricultural metal roof structures
4. Residential grid-connected systems
5. Schools, municipalities & institutions
6. Renovation or new construction


Length 1030 mm Weight 7.0  kg
Width 670 mm Main material Monocrystalline silicon
Height 30 mm Frame material Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Maximum power Pmax 100 Wp
Open circuit voltage Voc 20.29V
Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 16.90V
Short-circuit current I sc 6.19A
Maximum power point current I mp 5.92A

Solar Module Monocrystalline Silicon 100W


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